Have any questions about or mobile coffee catering service?

Good questions!
We provide professional baristas, a stylish mobile service cart, and bring all the cups, coffee, dairy, and syrups to serve all your guests!
Our flat rate pricing includes: all drinks, travel, setup, breakdown, and tax.
Add-ons like custom branding costs extra.


We offer a custom branded cart and custom labeled cups.

Our baristas are highly trained and efficient. Each barista can serve 50+ drinks per hour (8 oz).

Yes! We offer lots of great options for kids and non-coffee drinkers including:
1. Hot chocolate
2. Chai
3. Assorted Teas
Don’t worry, all our coffee equipment plugs into standard outlets! No special plugs required.

Each cart does needs to be plugged into its own circuit. Practically speaking, this means that we just need to plug each cart in on a separate wall since outlets along the same wall often share the same circuit.

If you only need one coffee cart, power won’t be an issue!
For best value, we recommend extending service length.
For faster service, we recommend adding baristas.


Each of our professional baristas can serve 50+ drinks per hour, so as long as there’s a steady flow of guests, simply extend service time so that one barista can accommodate all your guests.


For example, one barista could serve up to 150 guests in 3 hours.


If your event is has a limited service length but a high guest count, you will need multiple baristas.

Yes! We love serving both indoors and outdoors. 

In the event of excess rain or wind we may need to be moved indoors or reschedule service.
Our requirement for outdoor service:
A covering or awning for shade/weather protection.
We only have a few!
  1. Wheelchair accessible service location (since we roll in all our equipment on carts).
  2. On site power (but we bring our own extension cords!)
  3. Site contact person – we ask that someone is on site to meet our baristas and show them where to setup.
  4. Space to setup